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Changes to the challenges and imperatives within the Single Intelligence Environment

January 18, 2018 Leidos Editorial Team

A Leidos thought-piece developed in association with Jon Rigby, Rob Jones and Ross Bailey; they argue that there has been a post-Afghanistan paradigm shift which, when combined with the transformative effect of digital technology and social media, has challenged the defence intelligence community. Yet, the responses to this shift in the geo-political, socio-economic and technological plates should be bold but achievable; however, it will require the current commercial and acceptance processes to be adapted which will allow for innovation, agility and contracting for outcomes, as opposed to against the minutiae of system requirement documentation.

They will address the challenges faced in a World of large-scale open-source data and the need for timely access to that data; the need for agility and focussed spending on capability and new technology to maintain situational  awareness; and the importance of achieving interoperability and sharing of data through trust, with consideration of the necessary security constraints within which we operate.

The answer to the Question 4 (what has changed?), they contend, is that the combination of a fundamentally new World (brave or not) and the potential to leverage new capabilities should catalyse a change to the Single Intelligence Environment (SIE) strategy – not to the ends, or fundamentally the ways, but rapid and targeted interventions to the means of delivery.


The Leidos Editorial Team consists of communications and marketing employees, contributing partner organizations, and dedicated freelance designers, editors, and writers.

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