Leidos offers ‘tip-to-tail’ airborne solutions

March 13, 2018 Leidos Editorial Team

Leidos is a full-service provider of airborne intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) solutions. We conduct full life cycle support – including air and ground ISR processing and integration and providing a 'tip-to-tail' solution for government agencies. Our advanced solutions set covers the procurement, modification and maintenance of aircraft, and the provisioning of expert pilot talent in the field.

Leidos prides itself on being a one-stop-shop solution for government customers. Agencies dealing with us can rely on a single go-to partner for all their needs. Whether requiring extra pilots to cope with heavy staffing demands, acquiring a new aircraft, or modifying one with extra sensor packages, our customers have one number to call.

Internally, our years of experience with government at all levels has given us a laser-sharp focus on process. We have perfected a set of internal procedures and supporting systems that give clients complete confidence in our ability to execute consistently and safely, with a full paper trail.

These processes are the basis for our operational excellence. Our operational availability and maintenance turnaround times are second to none, honed over years of dealing with highly demanding clients like the Department of Defense.


Leidos has a rich history in aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) for a range of commercial operators and civilian agencies, including local law enforcement. Our extensive work with the DoD for more than a decade has taken our mechanics to challenging airport facilities in inhospitable climates. Even in the harshest conditions, we have maintained operational availability rates of more than 90 percent.

Unlike many aircraft maintenance companies, Leidos has its own FAA Part 145 certificate, which authorizes us to work on every model of aircraft in the DEA's fleet, including both fixed-wing and rotary models. This enables us to hit the ground running when we begin working with the DEA, avoiding a certification delay of up to 18 months.

Part 145 certification gives our team of mechanics the authority to apply their experience in commercial airline maintenance to maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) at the DEA's Alliance Field. However, the certification also applies to the 45,000 square-foot Leidos repair station in Manassas, Va.

While our mechanics will complete the bulk of their work for the DEA in Fort Worth, this alternative facility provides additional overflow support for DEA aircraft, if needed, operating along the East Coast, providing local options to cope with a hard failure.

Pilot augmentation

Leidos also excels with pilot augmentation. We operate at scale, which means that we have a large base of pilot and mechanic talent to call upon. We also have a dedicated recruiter to fulfill our airborne personnel requirements. This makes us highly capable to serve clients with surge requirements by drawing from our pool of experienced pilots.

We constantly train our pilots on a wide variety of aviation equipment, which positions us perfectly to serve a diverse fleet.


Leidos has more than 40 years of experience in buying used and new aircraft. Our mechanics are experts at examining existing records and physically investigating a craft in a pre-purchase inspection to assess its value.

Our unique service proposition is our government-approved procurement system which has served departments with stringent requirements on aircraft purchasing. Leidos is highly process-driven and has a strict workflow that sees all maintenance and upgrades pass through our procurement system. This ensures that we conduct all operations to the same consistent and safe standards, and that records for the aircraft under Leidos' care are impeccable.


We have a long legacy of airborne systems modification. Our systems engineering expertise stems from years of defense industry experience, making highly complex system modifications like sensor systems for satellite communications. We provide rapid engineering, analysis, and integration support using our team of highly-trained technical professionals.

Our experience in airborne systems extends both inside and outside the craft. We install workstation consoles and associated wiring for workers to use, and we upgrade cockpit electronics with new communications and GPS equipment. We also apply our engineering expertise to cut holes in pressure vessels, accommodating new fairings with complex sensor packages.

The wide range of modifications that we make to aircraft requires expertise in frequency management and safety testing. We run every aircraft that we modify through a battery of electromagnetic tests to check for interference.

We have been running airworthiness tests for two decades and have access to several test ranges for stress testing. This gives us – and our clients – complete confidence in the safety and airworthiness of every craft that we modify.

When dealing with Leidos, government agencies can expect a quality assurance process that runs consistently through the entire organization. We meet every new contract with a level of professionalism proven through decades of government experience. It is a product of our staff, our certification, and our exemplary existing repair station. Contact Leidos to discuss how we can help your agency.


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