Leading Leidos Women: Caroline Dawson in Australia

March 7, 2018 Leidos Editorial Team

In celebration of Women’s History Month in the United States and International Women’s Day (March 8th), we're highlighting five leading Leidos women from around the world. Click here to read about all five.

Caroline Dawson is an IT Services Director in our Defense and Intelligence Group. She has six years of service with Leidos and is based in Canberra.

Caroline on her ... Professional Accomplishments:
"I’ve had great opportunities throughout my career to work with inspirational leaders and clever, professional teams. Any success I have celebrated has been the result of a team effort. Some of the key achievements that I am particularly proud of include:
  • Over my time as a Sales Representative with Sun Microsystems and Oracle, I built deep and enduring relationships with my customer base that led to an over-achievement against sales targets for the 9 years I worked in a sales role.
  • I led the successful capture of a 20-year strategic partnership with Australia’s leading intelligence agency.
  • A little more than two years ago, I moved roles to lead the Australian Taxation Office program. Over the last two years the reduction in attrition and increase in profit have been my two biggest achievements on that program.
  • I’m now in the privileged position of leading our IT Services team encompassing both the Australian Taxation Office and the ongoing sustainment of our Defence services supporting our national interests."

Caroline on ... Leadership:

"My leadership style comes from a background of growing up a diplomat’s child and needing to quickly understand the landscape in order to fit in and find my place in the established order of things. It also gave me a great propensity for diversity — I went to international schools with students from all around the globe in both Tokyo, Japan and Seoul, South Korea.

"I am, I think, a consistent and calm leader, seeking the best from my team by working with them to achieve outcomes. I hold people accountable and enable them to grow professionally by giving them the autonomy to make their own decisions. I hope my teams would say that I support them, have their backs and drive them to be the best they can be. I am really excited to be participating in the Centre for Creative Leadership this year and further deepening my leadership capability."

Caroline on ... Service: 

"Right now my focus is on successfully parenting my two primary school age children, one of whom has a chronic illness that requires ongoing management, along with juggling the demands of school, sporting and other extracurricular activities with full-on work. I’m sure this time-poor situation resonates with many people taking the time to read this!  

"I’m a strong advocate for our graduate program. With an intake of around 10 graduates per year onto the programs I’ve worked on, I think Leidos presents a great opportunity for the best and brightest people leaving our universities to forge a meaningful career doing a job that matters."
Caroline's Parting Thoughts:
"Being a working parent gives you a unique perspective on the juggling act we all perform to be successful at work. Balancing the outcomes the business needs with the flexibility to attend key family/children events is a really important part of what we do as leaders. This applies equally to women and men.
"A focus on the achievements of women in the workplace is something I’m passionate about. I’ve watched the changes over the years since I first started working and, broadly speaking, I’d say we still have a long way to go. Wage disparity still exists in some industries and women are still underrepresented in senior government, commercial and board positions. Collectively, we need to focus on changing the dynamic as we can only benefit from more diversity. Diversity, of course, is not only about gender, it covers thought, culture, religion, socioeconomic stratum, origin, and a range of other things that make us unique. International Women’s Day is a great opportunity to recognize and celebrate the achievements of women."


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