Operation MVP helps veterans tee off their civilian careers

June 28, 2017 Arin Karimian

PGA golfer Billy Hurley

Leidos hired more than 1,300 veterans in 2016 and is on pace to exceed that number this year. The Fortune 500 company has a historically strong bond with the military through both its lines of business and workforce. It takes great pride in the fact that more than 6,000 of its 32,000 employees are veterans.

One of the newest veterans affiliated with Leidos is professional golfer Billy Hurley III. Hurley is the only veteran on the PGA Tour and serves as an ambassador for Leidos’ Operation MVP program, the company’s dedicated initiative to hire, train and support veterans. While the vast majority of veterans won’t become pro athletes like Hurley, the former Naval officer understands the challenges they face when transitioning into a civilian career.

“Veterans bring unique skillsets to the civilian world and as they transition out of the service, there’s a lot of opportunity for them to use those skills but they don't always know how to leverage them properly,” said Hurley.

“I think that as military members transition out, we don't always have the requisite database to know how to leverage our service experience and skills.”

Programs like Operation MVP...make it so much easier for veterans

Operation MVP helps veterans every step of the way as they wade through the often-difficult transition from military life to a private-sector career. The program is overseen by a dedicated talent acquisition lead and has official hiring targets set by pledges with national and state-level veteran hiring initiatives.

“Programs like Operation MVP that seek out and know how to use military skills — that know who they want and need to have on their team — make it so much easier for veterans to contribute to the civilian world,” said Hurley.

As a government contractor, Leidos is a great landing spot for many veterans. Much of its work provides veterans with a smooth transition that fully utilizes their military experience, training, and clearances. The job roles and careers available are challenging and rewarding and span the civil, defense, health, and intelligence sectors.

Once hired, Leidos veterans get a designated on-boarding representative to assist them through their first three months on the job. They also have the option of joining the Military Alliance Group (MAG), an engaged network of Leidos employees who served in the military.

All these efforts to help veterans aren’t going unnoticed. More and more servicemen and women are recognizing Leidos as a strong destination for their post-military careers. The veteran hiring market is taking note too, with Military Times again naming Leidos a Best for Vets Employer earlier this month.

"This award underscores our continued dedication to supporting veterans, and the unique experiences and insight they provide to employers," said Ann Addison, Chief Human Resources Officer.

"Our Leidos veterans help enrich and grow our inclusive culture."


Arin Karimian

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