#Innovidual Sophie Turner

March 9, 2017 Arin Karimian

Sophie Turner is a software developer at Leidos.

“Without innovation, mankind would not exist. Innovation is what allowed us to survive — from creating fires to inventing computers.”

Sophie Turner is a software developer and a recent graduate of the United Kingdom’s QA Apprentice Program for Software and Web Development.

“For me, to innovate is to breathe. It allows us as humans to be creative and manage the future. Cars, treatments for illnesses, and rockets that travel to Mars — all things that at one point seemed impossible — have now been created or done because people innovated.”

What makes you an #innovidual?


Arin Karimian

Arin is the Corporate Content Lead at Leidos. He creates and curates content across a wide range of topics -- familiar territory for someone who's worked in banking, health care, media, and the non-profit space.

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