Diversity & Inclusion at Leidos, Part 1: Diversity talent acquisition and external partnerships

June 12, 2018 Leidos Editorial Team

Our Diversity & Inclusion Mission

At Leidos we believe that a focus on Diversity & Inclusion improves team performance, influences innovative business strategies and drive positive results by advancing our workforce, cultivating an inclusive workplace and advancing our reputation in the marketplace.

The Leidos Diversity & Inclusion Framework

  1. Diversity Talent Acquisition & External Partnerships
  2. Advancement & Retention
  3. Employee Engagement (Employee Resource Group Impact & Optimization)

Launched in 2018, our new Diversity & Inclusion campaign, Inclusive Perspectives = Innovative Solutions, reinforces the importance of an inclusive environment where diverse perspectives yield innovative solutions for our customers. The campaign also introduced our D&I framework, a vibrant new D&I logo, and collateral posters that are prominently displayed across various Leidos locations; the posters are also accessible for download via our employee intranet platform.

In this, the first of a three-part series highlighting the new campaign, we’ll take a closer look at what Leidos is doing in the areas of diversity talent acquisition and external partnerships.

Diversity & Inclusion’s four primary engagement objectives include:

  • Acquiring talent
  • Showcasing the Leidos employment brand
  • Demonstrating a commitment to community
  • Professional development/recognition

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is reflected in the way we engage our people, our customers and our external partnerships through our innovative programs, sponsorships and engagement.

We have a dedicated focus on attracting our diverse workforce by participating in and sponsoring conferences and career fairs hosted by organizations such as:

Leidos competes annually in surveys demonstrating our commitment to diversity and inclusion and we have received recognition from several platforms:

Leidos also manages a robust external awards program that recognizes employees across our enterprise at various levels and career stages based on their contributions in business and industry. Dozens of employees have been acknowledged and we have highlighted a select few below:

At Leidos, we understand that maintaining a diverse, inclusive environment is an ongoing pursuit. It requires resources and relationship building outside our organization to both cultivate Leidos’ reputation as a company who thrives on many perspectives and to attract a steady stream of talent to further diversify our team.



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