Transporting supplies across 3 continents to help set up a field hospital in South Sudan

December 4, 2017 Hayden Organ
Team Leidos is a partnership led by Leidos that includes Kuehne + Nagel (KN), TVS Supply Chain Solutions and Agility, that was awarded the Ministry of Defence’s £6.7billion Logistics, Commodities and Services Transformation (LCST) contract to modernize their logistics programme.

The Team recently provided vital support to a critical United Nations peacekeeping mission. Almost 400 British military personnel are on the ground providing support to the UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS), where a force of 12,000 UN Peacekeepers are working to promote stability in the Republic of South Sudan.

With the support of Team Leidos, British troops completed the construction of a temporary field hospital near the town of Bentiu, 400 miles north of the capital city of Juba. Bentiu is the location of a UN-protected camp that is currently home to 120,000 people.

Bentui, South Sudan
Bentiu, South Sudan (Photo: BBC News)

Delivering equipment wherever the Armed Forces need it

Team Leidos worked with the MoD to transport the field hospital from MoD Donnington and MoD Bicester to Kenya, through Uganda and then onto Juba in South Sudan for handover to the UN, for armed convoy onwards to Bentiu. This was a logistical challenge involving 228 containers, 50 engineering vehicles and 25 climate-controlled medical containers travelling almost 1,000 miles from the port in Kenya, on often unpaved roads, with Team Leidos scheduling routes around the worst of the rainy season.

The radically different aspect of Team Leidos' approach to this logistical challenge was the opening up of such a complicated move to a much wider supplier base through LCST.  This — matched with the new level of control provided by investments in the latest technology at MoD Donnington — meant that the MoD benefited from new managed exposure to a wider supplier base, heightened transparency, and a lower cost base. Ultimately, that meant significant savings on a multi-million pound deployment for UK taxpayers.

Providing continued support

The field hospital at Bentiu is now fully operational, providing an emergency department, surgical facilities, and X-ray and aero-medical evacuation capabilities to the UNMISS mission. Team Leidos is a key part of the operation and is supplying a regular delivery of three to four containers and refrigerated medical supplies to the field hospital.


Hayden Organ

Hayden is the Director of Distribution, Storage and Freight Integration for our Logistics, Commodities and Services Transformation (LCST) Programme. He has almost 30 years of experience in supply chain management and logistics solutions.

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