#Innovidual Doug Jones

April 12, 2018 Arin Karimian

We’re a company full of innovative individuals, or as we call them, #innoviduals. This recurring series highlights some of our best and brightest employees, providing insights about the scope and depth of talent throughout Leidos.

This month’s #innovidual is Doug Jones, IT Modernization Technical Core Competency Lead.

Tell us a little about your job role and responsibilities, and/or something you’re currently working on

“As the TCC lead for IT modernization, I’m responsible for helping to define, improve, and communicate our IT modernization capabilities as well as helping to connect people, programs, and teams across the organization to leverage solutions, experts, and best practices. I just finished up supporting a multi-billion dollar proposal for NASA’s IT and am now working on Leidos concepts for Office of the Future and SecDevOps Cloud solutions.”

Why is innovation important in your role?

“My entire role is focused on helping to identify innovations across the corporation and industry that we can use to solve our customers’ toughest problems. The fascinating part of my job is when I’m working with a program or engineering team and they are telling me about what they have done, and I highlight how innovative that solution is and how we want to take it across the enterprise to multiple programs and customers — and they are surprised. Often times what one team thinks was just a solution to a problem can be something really unique and a true innovation for our customers.”

MORE FROM DOUG: Listen to his Federal News Radio interview on the impact of mobility and collaboration on IT modernization

What’s your definition of innovation? What does innovation mean to you?

“For me innovation is when you solve a problem in a new or unique way and it doesn’t have to be a high tech solution. Innovation can be about technology, but it can be also about processes or how we deliver customer service and support. Many innovations coming out of Silicon Valley are not about high tech but about how we leverage data, culture, or just a physical office space like a Genius Bar to improve the user experience and make them more productive.”

What does innovation look like? Any recent examples from your job?

“I see innovation all over Leidos with everything from the Genius Bar style Walk Up support that the NASA JPL team implemented to the secure automated cloud platform on GSA CAMEO to software defined networking capabilities on GSM-O and everything in between.”  

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