Leading Leidos Women: Myriam Talbi in Israel

March 7, 2018 Leidos Editorial Team

In celebration of Women’s History Month in the United States and International Women’s Day (March 8th), we're highlighting five leading Leidos women from around the world. Click here to read about all five.

Myriam Talbi is a Business Development and Capture Manager in our Defense and Intelligence Group. She is based in Tel Aviv and Beer Sheva, Israel.

Myriam on her ... Professional Accomplishments:

"As a global businesswoman and leader in the Israeli technology market, the values that lead me are excellence, perseverance and leadership. For more than 25 years, I have accumulated vast experience in local and international IT, customer relations management, sales, business development, product, and project engagement positions. I’m excited to be part of the Leidos leadership team in Israel, with vast potential for growth."
Myriam on her ... Career Path:

"I was born in Uruguay, moved to Israel with my family when I was 13, and since then I have been building my career. I joined the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) when I was 18 and served in the Air Force for two years. Upon my release, I got married and began my engineering studies at Tel Aviv University.
"After completing my studies, I started working in IT companies in a variety of positions, with the most significant periods being with HP and SAP. At HP, I was involved in the implementation of the Ministry of Health Hospitals' end-to-end project from award through establishment through go-live. That project was a major milestone in shaping my career; after it, I managed the public sector in SAP, where I performed a variety of positions abroad. I worked in management positions mostly based on sales targets, improving profitability and increasing success at the companies for which I worked."
Myriam on ... Work-Life Balance:
"Over the years, my three children aged 28, 23 and 16 were born. As a career woman who always worked full-time, I somehow found the formula to always have the time and balance to pursue a career, home and family."
Myriam on ... Leadership:
"A year ago, I started my position at Leidos Israel as the company's business development manager. I realized that Leidos brings to Israel a portfolio and capabilities that are an excellent opportunity for growth. Very quickly I found myself busy with all the aspects of a new company in establishment phase, with the opportunity to lead and influence with the great experience I acquired over the years.
"In my whole professional career, I’ve always believed in cooperation and teamwork. I see myself as an example to my team, by taking advantage of my experience and being a mentor, I’m committed to train and transfer my knowledge. From the very challenging and interesting work I have, in combination with the wonderful team we set up here, I get up every morning with a smile and a lot of willpower to achieve and bring significant achievements and growth."
Myriam's Parting Thoughts:
"These are some of the values I believe in. Number one is the 'Value of Being You.' Women don’t have to act like men to be successful. Being your true self at the office sometimes takes courage, but being open about who you are helps you grow as an individual and your team gets the benefit of your unique insight. Number two is to be a leader but modestly; leadership is achieved through actions and examples. Number three is to accept the other and don’t judge by appearance but only from deep acquaintance. Number four is that anything you do, no matter whether you choose or not, do it the best that you can, and most of all, enjoy what you do.'


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