#Innovidual John Mears

November 17, 2016 Arin Karimian

John Mears is a Senior Fellow specializing in biometrics at Leidos.

“Innovation is bringing people something they didn’t know they needed. This only happens through astute observations of people, a keen appreciation of diverse technologies and business models, and a passion for future possibilities.”

John Mears is a Senior Fellow specializing in biometrics, identity management, and forensics. He uses technology to improve law enforcement, homeland security, defense, and intelligence operations.

His most recent focus is improving security and convenience for travelers transiting airports, seaports, and land border crossings.

What makes you an #innovidual?


Arin Karimian

Arin is the Corporate Content Lead at Leidos. He creates and curates content across a wide range of topics -- familiar territory for someone who's worked in banking, health care, media, and the non-profit space.

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