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  • Passenger Flow Measurement

    Passenger Flow Measurement

    More and more airport operators are adopting Passenger Flow Measurement (PFM) systems to help them be more efficient and responsive to passenger needs.

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  • Total Airport Management Solution Overview

    Total Airport Management Solution Overview

    With real-time data, airport operators and stakeholders are detecting, and even predicting, passenger needs hours in advance; collaborating on emerging situations before they become issues.

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  • Skyline-X ATM Overview

    Skyline-X ATM Overview

    Co-developed in partnership with ANSP and technology providers, SkyLine-X™ sets new standards for air traffic performance, efficiency, and safety.

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  • Modeling, Simulation & Training Services

    Modeling, Simulation & Training Services

    The 21st Century presents security and military forces with a wide array of threats. Meeting these threats means making sure your operators and maintainers get the right training for the mission.

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  • Enterprise IT Overview

    Enterprise IT Overview

    Leidos is a recognized leader in enterprise IT modernization. We take a user-centric approach to enterprise IT modernization that focuses on the user and the mission first and foremost.

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  • How Leidos supports CDP training

    How Leidos supports CDP training

    Terrorism, civil disobedience, and natural disasters: Learn how Leidos supports CDP training.

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  • Power Delivery Solutions

    Power Delivery Solutions

    Learn how Leidos enables utilities to keep pace with the transforming energy market while also reliably and efficiently generating and delivering energy.

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  • Vegetation Management Roames

    Vegetation Management Roames

    Learn how Roames technology, delivered by Leidos, helps utilities transform their vegetation management operations, reduce risk and costs, and deliver immediate value.

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  • Volatile Organic Compound Mitigation

    Volatile Organic Compound Mitigation

    Learn how Leidos is generating electrical power and repurposing waste heat to offer a solution that can provide from 1MW to 10MW+ of usable electrical energy.

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  • Real Time Energy Commissioning

    Real Time Energy Commissioning

    Leidos helps clients optimize their immediate and long-term energy savings. We continuously evaluate operating conditions to reduce energy consumption while increasing facility energy efficiency.

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  • Enterprise Energy Dashboard

    Enterprise Energy Dashboard

    The Leidos Enterprise Energy Dashboard (E2D) provides energy managers with a tool to quickly identify significant system variances and address them in a timely manner.

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  • Energy Savings Performance Contracts

    Energy Savings Performance Contracts

    Learn how our systematic approach to delivering Energy Savings Performance Contracts (ESPC) generates energy savings without depleting capital budgets.

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  • Energy Management and Control Systems

    Energy Management and Control Systems

    Learn how Leidos helps reduce costs and streamline operations by providing seamless integration of new and existing systems into a single, efficient energy management and control system (EMCS).

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