#Innovidual Laura Le Gallo

September 1, 2017 Arin Karimian

We’re a company full of innovative individuals, or as we call them, #innoviduals. This bi-weekly series highlights some of our best and brightest employees, providing insights about the scope and depth of talent throughout Leidos.

This week's #innovidual is Laura Le Gallo, Civil Group Director of Strategy and Business Development Operations

Tell us a little about your job role and responsibilities, and/or something you’re currently working on

“In my current role, one of my key responsibilities is facilitating the development of the Civil Group’s Strategic Growth Plan, as well as the distillation of that plan into operational choices and tactical actions to drive business growth and generate value for our customers, our company and our shareholders. Reinvigorating our strategic planning process post-merger has been critical to understanding and affirming who we are today as the new Leidos, and who we can and want to be in the future, so that we can develop and execute the roadmap to get there.”

Why is innovation important in your role?

“Innovation is essential in strategically driven businesses such as ours where we are constantly striving to develop and deliver new value propositions to our customers with our products, solutions and services offerings. Innovation can give us the differentiation and competitive edge needed to win; especially as performance excellence, process improvement and operational cost-cutting are becoming increasingly ubiquitous.”  

What’s your definition of innovation? What does innovation mean to you?

“So many great definitions of innovation abound, but one thing they all seem to imply and require that is often overlooked, is the environment and underlying support infrastructure needed to evolve those innovations from idea to implementation. In order to thrive, innovation requires not only investment (time and resources) but a culture that fosters, rewards and protects experimentation and risk taking. We all share the responsibility to encourage and promote innovation and we should all feel inspired and empowered to take risks and continually challenge ourselves and the status quo; confident that we are fully supported in that endeavor.”

What does innovation look like?

“I view innovation as amorphous. It can be tangible or abstract, invention or reinvention, accidental or intentional, big and disruptive, or small and simple, and can originate from isolation or collaboration.”

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