#Innovidual Enrique Melendez

May 4, 2017 Arin Karimian

Enrique Melendez develops and guides the overall airport business strategy at Leidos.

“Innovation means thinking about what can impact my customer the most in the future and doing something about it before my competitors.”

Enrique Melendez is a vice president of business development in the Leidos Civil Group. He manages our relationships with airports and airlines while developing and guiding an overall airport business strategy.

“When an airport challenges us to do something for which a solution doesn’t exist, we put on our systems engineering hats and architect a new, unique, and scalable solution.”

What makes you an #innovidual?


Arin Karimian

Arin is the Corporate Content Lead at Leidos. He creates and curates content across a wide range of topics -- familiar territory for someone who's worked in banking, health care, media, and the non-profit space.

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