#Innovidual Chitra Raghu

February 21, 2018 Arin Karimian

We’re a company full of innovative individuals, or as we call them, #innoviduals. This recurring series highlights some of our best and brightest employees, providing insights about the scope and depth of talent throughout Leidos.

This month’s #innovidual is Chitra Raghu, Deputy Director and Senior Program Manager and Innovations Officer for Leidos Health.

Tell us a little about your job role and responsibilities, and/or something you’re currently working on

“I provide operations and innovation leadership on the Social Security Administration’s IT Support Services Contract (ITSSC), as well as for an innovation partnership with the University of Miami Health System (UHealth). I’m continually seeking ways to translate emerging technologies into solutions that address our customers’ most pressing challenges.

“We’re currently piloting a predictive analytics solution with UHealth to assist physicians in the identification of patients with undiagnosed diabetes. I’ll be presenting the highlights of this solution in the Leidos booth at this year’s HIMSS conference.”

What’s your definition of innovation? What does innovation mean to you?

“Innovation is the freedom to think creatively, to come up with novel and useful ideas to solve problems, and come up with new and enhanced solutions for our customers.”

What does innovation look like?

“Successful innovation becomes value to our customers. Value appears in reduced workloads, less manual intervention, higher quality service, superior customer experience, and lower costs. Customers see it as a disruption to their current processes as it becomes their new and improved ‘normal.’”  

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