#Innovidual Bill Johnson

August 18, 2017 Arin Karimian

Bill Johnson is President of Mission Support Alliance, charged with helping the DOE's cleanup of the Hanford Nuclear Site.

We’re a company full of innovative individuals, or as we call them, #innoviduals. This bi-weekly series highlights some of our best and brightest employees, providing insights about the scope and depth of talent throughout Leidos.

This week's #innovidual is Bill Johnson, President of Mission Support Alliance.

Tell us a little about your job role and responsibilities, and/or something you’re currently working on

“Mission Support Alliance is a Leidos-led LLC which supports the Department of Energy’s cleanup of the Hanford Nuclear Site. The nearly 600-square-mile site saw the production of much of the material needed for the U.S. nuclear weapons program through the end of the Cold War. MSA supports today's cleanup mission by providing site infrastructure and services including water, power, sewer, roads, a fire department, security forces, business services including site payroll, and information technology.”

Why is innovation important in your role?

“Innovation is important to help MSA continue achieving significant cost reductions while supporting DOE in their critically important cleanup mission.”  


What’s your definition of innovation? What does innovation mean to you?

“Innovation is creating a culture where collaboration and partnership between work groups, labor, and management is the norm. Innovation can happen organically and be as simple as co-workers solving a problem in a new or unique way. Innovation also happens as a result of more formal processes, such as operating excellence.”

What does innovation look like?

“Innovation takes many forms on a project as large and complex as our support of the Hanford cleanup mission. Innovation is leveraging the experience of our workforce to create unique solutions to a one-of-a-kind problem. Innovation is bringing new capabilities to the Hanford Site — in many cases anticipating needs and proactively providing more effective solutions. Innovation is executing a unique contract model to drive cost transparency and provide $400 million in cumulative cost savings.”

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