Building the future with Systems Engineering and Integration

October 6, 2017 Masood Ahmed

Developing sound engineering practices is a keystone to a successful manufacturing or technological environment. An approach to sound engineering practices constitutes a successful execution of the elements within systems engineering, from requirements management and content management to solution and lifecycle management.

In an effort to improve the engineering practices of its clients, Leidos started a Council on Excellence for Systems Engineering in the United States last year; it entails six leads working across their respective elements under the Systems Engineering Competency. In Australia,  a committee of more than 40 industry and engineering subject matter experts was created under the framework of Systems Engineering to specifically look into aspects of the competency in terms of local customers and regulations and maintain a reach back with the Council in the U.S.

The Council’s efforts plus a successful link to the Leidos Systems Engineering & Integration (SE&I) domain has led to its adoption as one of Leidos’ Core Competencies. SE&I focuses on providing mission success through tailored enterprise lean and agile approaches that utilise model-based and open architecture processes and tools.

SE&I can help clients benefit from an extensive Leidos knowledge base that includes improved capabilities with regards to engineering process improvement, model-based systems engineering, open architecture knowledge, specialty engineering, and test, verification and validation activities. These capabilities that the SE&I domain concentrates on have strong applicability within the operations and logistics of an organisation within any sector, as well as the data science and engineering fields.

In a world where technology is changing so rapidly, competencies like SE&I also provide solutions to cybersecurity challenges while helping to drive enterprise IT modernization efforts and software development initiatives. Leidos’ attention to engineering excellence is a key factor that has allowed it to win prime contracts within engineering organisations, such as the U.S. Army Armament, Research, Development and Engineering Centre, CoA ISR Integration, and Australian Tax Office. Within these engagements, Leidos provided E2E solutions from processing, supply and fabrication of armament-related products, fabrication or refurbishment of armaments, and related manufacturing equipment and prototyping and engineering services for the U.S. Army to providing functionality such as ingest, integrate, publish and storage (structured, semi-structured and unstructured information).

Within the Defence contract, as with other clients, SE&I is delivered as a support function to the engineering community for programs and new opportunities and provides definition and quality management of frameworks, methodology, configuration definition and system reviews. The competency also provides training, mentoring and consultative support, as well as qualified resources with surge support for additional capacity. The active engineering community within the SE&I domain, which is the SE&I Council and an engineering practice work group of more than 30 people between Melbourne, Canberra, the U.S. and U.K., helps instill and drive engineering best practices and training to the Ledios global community of clients.

Sound engineering practices are pivotal to the success of a manufacturing or technological environment. By partnering with a company like Leidos, which offers a wealth of experience and expertise within the systems engineering and integration space, organisations can grow, scale and improve their operations within the engineering and software development landscape.


Masood Ahmed

Masood is the Engineering Practice Manager of Leidos Australia. He has extensive experience in E2E Systems Engineering Framework, Engineering Project Services and Commercial structures. His primary role is to diversify the Engineering Centre of Excellence across Leidos.

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