#Innovidual Steve Schneider

June 16, 2016 Arin Karimian

Steve Schneider is a chief solution architect at Leidos

“Innovation is looking at a challenge in a slightly “twisted” way to see a unique viewpoint we can grab onto, and craft solutions to delight customers.”

As Chief Solution Architect, Steve Schneider develops emerging capabilities for electric utilities, including microgrids, smart cities and integrating the ”Internet of Things.” He combines technologies for new adjacent business models. 

“I’m working on a concept called Information and Operational Technology convergence that will help customers do things like never before. That’s true innovative value.”

What makes you an #innovidual?


Arin Karimian

Arin is the Corporate Content Lead at Leidos. He creates and curates content across a wide range of topics -- familiar territory for someone who's worked in banking, health care, media, and the non-profit space.

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