Heroes of Leidos: Luke

"Joining the Royal Australian Navy was something I wanted to do from a very early age. I enlisted at 17, straight out of school.

"My proudest moment is also the most sobering. We were conducting an ANZAC Day Dawn Service while on duty in the Middle East, only hours after a terrorist attack killed three of our Coalition partners. The way we all came together to rescue wounded, whilst managing the threat and stopping other attacks, stands out to me as the most defining and life-changing experience of not just my career, but of my life.

"This event was a tragedy, but stands out to me as an example of what can be achieved when you bring together the most professional and committed people; the importance of teamwork; and the responsibilities we all hold for continuing on with the mission to ensure our fallen are honored and remembered always. Every single ANZAC Day since has added meaning to those of us that were there that day and it remains to this day the best team and most remarkable group of people I have ever had the honor of serving with."


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