#Innovidual Masood Ahmed

September 29, 2017 Arin Karimian

We’re a company full of innovative individuals, or as we call them, #innoviduals. This bi-weekly series highlights some of our best and brightest employees, providing insights about the scope and depth of talent throughout Leidos.

This week’s #innovidual is Masood Ahmed, Systems Engineering & Integration Technical Core Competency Co-Lead, Australia & U.K.

Tell us a little about your job role and responsibilities, and/or something you’re currently working on

“My job is to develop, coordinate and support our end-to-end systems engineering and integration management activities through detailing the technical solutions that meet our customer requirements.”

Why is innovation important?

“Innovation is important to be abreast with the winds of change so that it could be used to our advantage to move forward.”

What’s your definition of innovation? What does innovation mean to you?

“Innovation is about being one with change. Understand that there are no problems, only possibilities.”

What does innovation look like?

“Innovation is echoed strongly in our day-to-day lives now. For example, the smartphone has replaced a wallet, a watch, a GPS, a computer and etc. It’s a perfect example of bringing in the change and making people ride the wave.”

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